10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth

10 great places to climb trees in Perth tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

We have been on the lookout in Perth for great trees to climb, perch, balance and swing from.  Do you have a favourite place to climb trees?

Most kids love climbing – rocks, climbing walls, rope structures and trees to name but a few.  Trees unlike purpose built structures are uneven and this is what is so good about climbing them, it’s all about the thinking.  For more benefits of climbing trees see our recent post on 5 Research Backed Reasons to Climb Trees Here.
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5 Reasons To Climb A Tree

5 reasons to climb a tree today - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Do you let your kids climb trees?  Like most kids, my kids love to climb just about anything.  There are so many reasons to climb a tree – yes you can fall out of a tree – there are risks involved! However, there are risks involved in using a playground or going swimming.  Continue reading “5 Reasons To Climb A Tree”

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