Have Fun With Grid References

Making our own maps - tinystepsmakebigstrides.comWe have been having a lot of fun with coordinates, grid references and maps lately.  It all started with the game of Battleship.  This game is a fun way to build and develop essential mathematical and life skills. Continue reading

How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 4 Maths

Practical mathsAs a subject maths can translate to the real world easily.   Maths is all around us from baking to catching the train, to doing DIY for example. Maths is also a visual subject, just by using Lego, counters or small toys like Trash Packs or Shopkins etc the manipulation brings numbers to life.   Maths cannot be taught just by pushing numbers, shapes and coins around a page, they have to be manipulated to experience real maths. Clock hands need to be turned and angles need to be made.  Just by drawing angles or clock hands falls short of the real maths experience every child deserves.

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5 Fun Ways To Use Multiplication Flashcards



Maths is one of those things that despite research to the contrary, people think they are either good at maths or not.  Playing games and experimenting with numbers in a playful way can help children to see that maths is not something to be afraid of. Continue reading