Become A Tree Explorer

I am a tree explorer - 5 rules for when climbing trees -
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Climbing trees can be so much fun and is loaded with benefits.  See our earlier post for 5 RESEARCH BASED REASONS TO CLIMB A TREE  It does come with some risk and so a while ago we all sat down and came up with some rules for EVERYBODY TO FOLLOW -so Continue reading “Become A Tree Explorer”

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth

10 great places to climb trees in Perth

We have been on the lookout in Perth for great trees to climb, perch, balance and swing from.  Do you have a favourite place to climb trees?

NOW UPDATED WITH CAFE SUGGESTIONS Continue reading “10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth”

5 Reasons To Climb A Tree

5 reasons to climb a tree today -

Do you let your kids climb trees?  Like most kids, my kids love to climb just about anything.  There are so many reasons to climb a tree – yes you can fall out of a tree – there are risks involved! However, there are risks involved in using a playground or going swimming.  Continue reading “5 Reasons To Climb A Tree”

10 Amazing Resources For Beginning Readers

10 amazing resources for beginning readers

Here are 10 amazing resources that will help your children become actively involved in the reading process. Children learn best by investigating, discovering and exploring new information.  A Multisensory approach to learning and processing information is the best way to learn. If you think about it anything engaging in life involves more than 1 sense — actively involve your children in the learning process!

Continue reading “10 Amazing Resources For Beginning Readers”

How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 4 Maths

Practical mathsAs a subject maths can translate to the real world easily.   Maths is all around us from baking, to catching the train, to doing DIY. Maths is also a visual subject, just by using Lego, counters or small toys like trash packs or shopkins etc the manipulation bring numbers to life.   Maths cannot be taught just by pushing numbers, shapes and coins around a page, they have to be manipulated to experience real maths. Clock hands need to be turned and angles need to be made.  Just by drawing angles or clock hands falls short of the real maths experience every child deserves.

Continue reading “How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 4 Maths”

How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 2 -Language Conventions

Punctuation Saves Lives
Punctuation Saves Lives!  From Punctuation Mark by Belinda Ellis

The Language Conventions test is probably the hardest to learn without direct instruction.  Direct instruction does not have to come from worksheets. Children can learn far more from fluid conversations and discussion with modelling of concepts.  The mechanics of language are learned overtime and there is a tendency to push this earlier and earlier. All this knowledge will come with time, practice and experience.  These conventions are not in oral language and so have to be consciously learned.  Rote learning will not concrete any concepts. It is only in the concrete that children can then adapt and process this knowledge to use it further. Continue reading “How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 2 -Language Conventions”

How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 1 – Reading

NAPLAN jingle
A jingle we use to calm the nerves

Love it or hate it the standardized test is here to stay, at least for a while yet!  There is no doubt that many schools now teach to the test and this is a sad state of affairs but who can blame them? We live in a world of statistics and tables and everybody is running for first place. Continue reading “How Do You Prepare For NAPLAN? Part 1 – Reading”

Fire And Emergency Services Education Centre


Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Education and Heritage Centre

Today we had a fantastic serendipitous visit to The Education and Heritage Centre on the corner of Murray Street and Irwin Street.  As we walked past the fire station whose doors have always been closed before when we have walked past –  Mr O. walks right in!  Being a lover of vehicles and transport – he is drawn to these places…   We all follow and after living in Perth for more than a year now (and  parking on the Fire Station car park when in the city) I had no idea that it was an education centre that opened for visits.     It is an amazing place and FREE!  Open Tuesdays – Thursday 10-3.    It is small but perfectly formed and as such, does not accept bookings of any kind. Continue reading “Fire And Emergency Services Education Centre”

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For The Primary Years


Rhyming Riddle Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with an Easter Egg Hunt.   Have fun with our RHYMING RIDDLES.  There are 12 riddles to solve in this hunt which are just perfect for lower primary students.  As our kids have got older and we do a hunt each year, we have found there are only so many years in a row there is great excitement to search the backyard for plastic eggs.  By getting creative and changing the hunt each year with different activities it stays new and we have hours of excitement and entertainment. Continue reading “Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For The Primary Years”

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