Wordless Wonders

Wordless Wonders - A booklist of our favourite wordless picture books - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

I am a huge fan of the wordless picture book – there is something quite intriguing about a story with no words.  Over the years we have collected quite a few and read dozens from the library.  Check our list of favourites below.  Continue reading

The Easiest Slime Recipe In The World – non toxic!

Easiest Slime recipe in the world - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

A while ago we went to the Telethon Institute Science Discovery Day.  We got so many science ideas but one, in particular, has stuck with us.

The easiest SLIME recipe in the world! 

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99 Screen-Free Activities

99 screen-free activities from tinystepsmakebigstrides.comMonday 30 April 2018 is the start of International Screen-Free Week.  Are you going screen-free this year?  There is no doubt that screen time has become an integral part of school, home and work. Screens have become a huge distraction in our lives, so this year we have decided to be screen-free for the next week at home. Here is a list of 99 +1 ideas to help you reset your digital addiction, get back to nature, enjoy family time and be creative.  The +1 is because this year we found clay making and I had to add it!

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