Wordless Wonders

Wordless Wonders - A booklist of our favourite wordless picture books - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

I am a huge fan of the wordless picture book – there is something quite intriguing about a story with no words.  Over the years we have collected quite a few and read dozens from the library.  Check our list of favourites below.  Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For The Primary Years


Rhyming Riddle Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with an Easter Egg Hunt.   Have fun with our RHYMING RIDDLES.  There are 12 riddles to solve in this hunt which are just perfect for lower primary students.  As our kids have got older and we do a hunt each year, we have found there are only so many years in a row there is great excitement to search the backyard for plastic eggs.  By getting creative and changing the hunt each year with different activities it stays new and we have hours of excitement and entertainment. Continue reading