5 Minute Vegan Gluten Free Pancakes

5 Minute Vegan Panckaes

Quick and easy pancakes that the kids can make with you.    We always make pancakes and today we decided to make a special pancake breakfast for International Day of Happiness. However, once we had added all the ingredients to the bowl we realised that we had no eggs.    Well today, we found out that you can make a pancake without breaking eggs! Continue reading

Ten Simple Baking Ideas For Kids

baking-blog-post-coverHere are some super quick and easy recipes we have found and taste tested many times.  Baking doesn’t have to be just for the holidays, these recipes are so quick they can whipped up anytime for a yummy after school snack.   There are not too many ingredients and are forgiving enough, if like me you have some over enthusiastic bakers! Baking together is a wonderful learning experience.

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