5 Must Visit Bookshops In Perth

5 Must Visit Bookshops of Perth -

There is something quite enchanting about a local independent bookstore.  They are a treasure trove of inspiration – it is like stepping into another world.  Here in Perth we are so very fortunate to have so many. They are places that once you are in, it can be so very hard to peel yourself away; book shopping is my favourite type of shopping.  I can’t walk past a bookshop without having a look around and that normally involves purchasing a book or two. Continue reading “5 Must Visit Bookshops In Perth”

5 Ways to Have Fun With Grid References

Making our own maps - tinystepsmakebigstrides.comWe have been having a lot of fun with coordinates, grid references and maps lately.  It all started with the game of Battleship, when talking about our strategies.   This game is a fun way to build and develop essential mathematical and life skills. Continue reading “5 Ways to Have Fun With Grid References”

Become A Tree Explorer

I am a tree explorer - 5 rules for when climbing trees -
Click the image to download your free Tree Explorer Book

Climbing trees can be so much fun and is loaded with benefits.  See our earlier post for 5 RESEARCH BASED REASONS TO CLIMB A TREE  It does come with some risk and so a while ago we all sat down and came up with some rules for EVERYBODY TO FOLLOW -so Continue reading “Become A Tree Explorer”

10 Of The Best Low Prep Spelling Activities That Really Work

10 Of The Best Low Prep Spelling Activities That Really Work - tinystepsmakebigstrides.comLearning to spell and thus the teaching of spelling should be part of an interwoven literacy curriculum, where creativity can sit alongside mechanics as partners not enemies. Continue reading “10 Of The Best Low Prep Spelling Activities That Really Work”

10 Reasons To Love Finger Painting


Why is it finger painting is often left at preschool? As my children move through the school system, I notice that it is mostly about sitting, following closed instructions and when they are free to move around, games lessons with yet more rules!   Continue reading “10 Reasons To Love Finger Painting”

Spelling Tests Don’t Work

Is spelling the worst taught subject?

I really hate spelling lists, you know the ones that come out on a Monday and a test is on a Friday.  The ones that have badly spelt words from the previous week or they are from some list that was concocted from a high frequency words list or worse still a topic vocabulary list! Continue reading “Spelling Tests Don’t Work”

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth

10 great places to climb trees in Perth

We have been on the lookout in Perth for great trees to climb, perch, balance and swing from.  Do you have a favourite place to climb trees?

NOW UPDATED WITH CAFE SUGGESTIONS Continue reading “10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth”

5 Reasons To Climb A Tree

5 reasons to climb a tree today -

Do you let your kids climb trees?  Like most kids, my kids love to climb just about anything.  There are so many reasons to climb a tree – yes you can fall out of a tree – there are risks involved! However, there are risks involved in using a playground or going swimming.  Continue reading “5 Reasons To Climb A Tree”

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