Welcome to Tiny Steps Make Big Strides –  I’m Glad you stopped by!

My name is Clare and I am a primary school teacher who trained in the UK and worked there for several years in lower primary and early years, before moving to America.   In America I worked as a ESOL teacher and reading specialist with an amazing bunch of kids.   It is through this experience I learned that teaching and learning is not about what we learn but how we learn.  It is also not about ticking off skills, only to move on to the next ones, without thinking about why we are learning.  When learning new skills we should also be learning how we can use these skills in the future.

We now reside in Perth, Australia and  I am a stay at home mum to my three primary school aged children.  Mr. J,  Mr. O  and Miss C.  We are all about play, developmental learning and not taking life too seriously in the primary years.

There is enough time for that later on!

This site is all about helping children and the adults in their lives make connections. Thus, inspiring creativity, compassion and resilience through activities that take very little time to prep thus, maximising down time together.

It is the tiny steps we walk through life,  that help us make big strides and leaps of discovery in learning as our experiences grow!  Moving just a little bit in our own time will help us far more than rushing to complete tasks beyond us before we are ready.

Keep playing together

Clare x

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