Books about friendship

10 Books about friendship -

School is now in full swing here in Australia.  This year we have seen lots of changes in our home as everyone now goes to a new school.  One of the biggest challenges we face as parents is helping our kids navigate the path of life.  We are again the new face in the hall!  Here is our pick of the best books about friendship – the highs, the lows and everything in between.

Friendship can be a huge issue for kids and adults alike.  There can be so much to learn from a fictional character and their walk through life.

When reading we discuss:

  • What makes a good friend?
  • How to be a good friend?
  • How do you make a friend?
  • What to do when differences occur?

1 Wonder

10 books about friendship - A book list from

A tale about August Pullman told from several points of view. A well crafted story that helps the reader experience different sides of the story.  We read this story after many recommendations from friends and I am so glad we did.  There are so many conversational starters and discussions to be had from this story.

2 I’m Sorry


It can be so hard to say I’m sorry and even if it is said what do the words mean?  A beautifully illustrated story about 2 best friends that do everything together until one day they have a falling out.  A great story to start a conversation about forgiveness, accepting mistakes and moving on.

3 Can I Join Your Club

10 books about friendship -

An amazing book that celebrates diversity and the importance of diversity in friendships.  All duck wants to do is join a club, however he can’t roar like lion and isn’t clever like elephant.  So feeling rejected he decides to set up his own club and has just one criteria — Do you want to be in a club with me?

4 The Hedgehog’s Balloon

10 books about friendship -

I love all the Percy the park keeper stories. They all have such a great message for life.  The Hedgehog’s balloon is all about the hedgehog who wants a balloon, the only thing is he keeps bursting them and this upsets him; along comes Percy with a brilliant solution.  A great story about the power of friendship and how a problem shared, really is a problem halved.  Just chatting with someone can make a situation less troubling.

5 Words And Your Heart

10 books about friendship -

An utterly beautiful book about the power of words.  Told through the eyes of Pip and Cat, this warm-hearted tale demonstrates the importance of our words and the consequences both positive and negative that can happen as they leave our mouths.

6 The Little girl And The Tiny Doll

10 books about friendship -

A captivating tale of a little doll tossed aside by her owner.  Sad and alone she lives in the freezer of a supermarket until one day a kind-hearted little girl spots her and they become friends.   A beautiful tale, just perfect for having discussions about kindness and compassion.

7 One

10 books about friendship -

How I love this book! A story about colours – Blue is quiet, Red, on the other hand, is not!  The other colours don’t like Red picking on Blue but what can they do? Nobody helps Blue and things get out of hand until One turns up. A truly sensational story that tackles the subject of bullying, being a bystander and how it only takes ONE voice to make every one count.

8 Mrs Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH

10 books about friendship -

An exciting story about the power of friendship and community and not judging others based on stereotypes.   Mrs Frisby a widowed mouse has to move her children to their summer home or they face an uncertain future.  Mrs Frisby works together with some local rats to make the important journey to safer ground.

9 Imaginary Fred

10 books about friendship -

A great book that discusses the topics of friendship, loneliness and imaginary friends.  This story is the perfect insight into friendship and can be a great conversational starter about how friends are made and lost.

10 The Pain and The Great One 

10 books about friendship -


Friendship is not all about school. A great read about sibling rivalry and the importance of friendship in families.  I love how this story is told from both the sister and brother perspective.  This book is a great way to discuss how at times we do feel injustice in our lives —sometimes we do feel unloved, misunderstood and not heard, yet the other person might feel like that too.

Notable mentions 

I love to find books that become a conversational starter.  Here are a few more friendships books for particular situations…

The Worst Witch – If you are new to a school and need to find a friend then this book is a great read. ( the first in a great series)

The Rainbow Fish – Sharing really is caring and not only will it make you feel great as a person, but it will also make people around you feel loved too!

Something Else –  A story about accepting everybody as who they are.  We are all beautiful in our own unique way.

Lost And Found –  A story about discovering friendship, even in the strangest of situations.

Katie Woo and Friends – Four short stories all about Katie and her friends.  Each story highlights a different aspect of friendship.

10 books about friendship -

The Sandwich Swap – Lily and Salma are best friends and like doing all the same things together, one day they notice a difference!  A story about how great friendship can be even when you have differences.

Do Unto Otters – A quirky tale with a play on words about rules for friendship and being a good person.  We love the book and this little cartoon we found on Youtube is a great too.

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly smile and a hello to make someone’s day.

Happy reading xxx







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