Become An Outer Space Explorer

Outer Space Activity Book #freeprintable -

Click on image to download little book

We recently explored the new Planet Pioneers exhibition at our local Science Museum – Scitech.  As the weather hots up here in Perth Scitech is a great indoor place to go full of education and entertainment – click here to read our full review of the exhibition.

We had so much fun exploring the new interactive exhibition that my 3 didn’t want it to end and are still asking to go back!  Going to a new exhibition is a great way to explore new concepts in a hands on way.   We have always been a little Outer Space mad in our home, so the concept of exploring and adapting to life on a new planet was a new way to think about the cosmos and space travel.  We often chat about our adventures afterwards and an activity book is the perfect way for kids to explore further at home.  It is also perfect for kids who just love Space and maybe even want to be an astronaut one day – there is no need to have seen the exhibition, you just have to wonder about Space.

Outer Space Activity Book #freeprintable -

We used this little book in a coffee shop so the kids were entertained while having a snack.  I made the book with primary aged kids in mind, yet it would also suit a younger crowd with parents explaining the pages.   My 11 year old was all about the detail and his thought processes are far more scientific.  He took designing his spaceship and suit very seriously, whereas my youngest put tassels on everything and even had a packing room in her rocket.  My middle one is all about the story, so whilst he was drawing he was telling me the whole tale of his trip to Outer Space.

Outer Space Activity Book #freeprintable -

The story is set 250 years from now and explains the activities ahead.  There is also a glossary of spaceship bits and spacesuit bits to help your child construct everything needed for their mission.    Click here for our Outer Space booklist to inspire and astound curious minds.

Outer Space Activity Book #freeprintable -

Little books are a great way for kids to create in their own space.  An exercise book or a piece of paper does not have the same feelings of ownership.  I started using little books as a way to encourage my reluctant writers and readers when I was a primary school teacher and now as a mum I often make little books for activities such as this or a quick journal, storytelling, My cookbook etc.   Children can have such enthusiasm to write and contribute to their very own book and it can the starting point to explore a whole host of ideas.

When it comes to scientific concepts it is best to give your kids opportunities to explore the new material, express their own ideas, discuss why those ideas are held and finally help your child to develop their own ideas based on science facts and research.   Of course space suits don’t have tassels, as in the case of Miss C’s drawing, however, it is a discussion point, a happy one at that!  We often have weird and wonderful conversations and our Space conversation that went with this book was one of them.  Here are a couple of questions and statements from my 7 and 8 year old.

  • Do you think there will be shops? Miss C
  • My suit is made of titanium armour with lasers that shoot across the universe. Mr O
  • How many cupboards do you think my packing room needs? Miss C
  • How far do you think the new planet will be?  Answers his own question…about 10,000 metres I think…how far is that? Mr O

Kids have all sorts of misconceptions about the world and sometimes, just correcting them doesn’t produce a learning moment.  A discussion around the subject that has a good starting point and experiences that help children to observe, predict, measure, investigate and plan will help kids to rethink and reflect on their own ideas.
Outer Space Activity Book #freeprintable -
Why not take this little book along with you next time you are out and about or if you are in need of a low energy, quiet activity at home?

  • There are colouring and drawing activities.
  • A story to set the scene of an epic mission
  • A glossary to extend vocabulary
  • An invitation to create a story setting
  • An invitation to think beyond and explore new concepts further

The free printable is full of activities and quick and easy to print. The book is A5 when printed onto A4 paper.  It can be printed double sided as in the photos or single sided.  It is 8 A5 pages in total on 2 sheets of A4.

Instructions, just in case!

Click here or on the first image to download your free printable!

When you download and print the PDF booklet please remember to –

Make sure you are printing 2 sided so the 8 A5 pages are actually only 2 sheets of A4

Your Printer is set to A4

Your scale is 100%

Flip on short side

Tag us to share your experience #tinystepsmakebigstrides

Have fun blasting off into Space xx


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