5 Must Visit Bookshops In Perth

5 Must Visit Bookshops of Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

There is something quite enchanting about a local independent bookstore.  They are a treasure trove of inspiration – it is like stepping into another world.  Here in Perth we are so very fortunate to have so many. They are places that once you are in, it can be so very hard to peel yourself away; book shopping is my favourite type of shopping.  I can’t walk past a bookshop without having a look around and that normally involves purchasing a book or two.

Of course there are times that the huge online retailers are useful, however, nothing beats the surroundings, smell, or inspiration that comes from visiting a great independent.  The world without beautiful bookshops would be so very dull and disheartening!

Love Your bookshop day is on August 12th here in Australia, so to celebrate all things books — here is a list of our favourite book nooks in Perth.
(In no particular order)

1 Millpoint Caffe and Bookshop

Millpoint Caffe bookshop - 5 favourite bookshops in Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Coffee and books are a match made in heaven and Millpoint Caffe and bookshop do it perfectly.  Such a charming, homely place with couches and seating amongst the bookshelves and courtyard seating area too.   This is the perfect place for a coffee catch up with friends and there is a huge basket of books in the cafe area just right for small hands —such an inviting warm place.  A good selection of books and some beautiful quotes written on the bookshelves makes for a relaxing visit every time — the perfect place for bookworms.

2 The Paper Bird

The Paper Bird - 5 favourite bookshops in Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

If you haven’t been to The Paper Bird in Fremantle yet, then you are missing out on a great little children’s bookstore where there is a lot happening.  The selection is mind boggling and not only that they are next door to Moore and Moore Cafe and Gallery so you don’t have to go far to fuel your tummy after perusing their shelves. Inkling Art Space also run inspirational art classes and they have in store events.  A while back we went to the book launch of A Smugglers Curse by Norman Jorgensen.  The first book lauch the kids had been to and they all truly loved the event.

The courtyard is a completely magical setting with a huge tree just right for reading a newly purchased story under or listening to an enchanted storytime.

3 Oxford Street Books

Oxford Street Books  - 5 favourite bookshops of Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

I can’t walk past a bookstore without going in!  Recently when in Leederville I pass by this gem and went in for the first time— it is a truly stunning place with an amazing children’s section.  I just love books shops that are clearly labelled and even on a first visit you can find the sections you need.  The picture books selection is vast and are displayed front first, which is great as the front covers are always so inviting and so much better than spine first.   Being on Oxford Street there are also plenty of coffee shops nearby to stop in and read recent purchases.  We have 2 favourites Foam because it has truly wonderful coffee and is just across the road or if you have children in toe that need space to move The Sweet Remedy is just up the road with a great outdoor area, cubby, chalk board and space for little feet to move.

4 Beaufort Street Books

Beaufort Books - 5 Must visit bookshops of Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Completely charming from the moment you walk through the door and the staff are so very knowledgable and approachable.  The jazz softly playing sets a serene, relaxing tone with a great set up. This place has the most wonderful children’s area,  an interactive space just perfect for inspiring little bookworms.  I love how many events they hold in store and are obviously community minded.  I will get to one of their yoga sessions one day!   After perusing their shelves it is only a 2 minute walk to The Mary Street Bakery – life just can’t get better…

5 Crow Books

Crow Books - 5 favourite bookshops in Perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Crow books is one of those places that until you go in, you didn’t know you needed it!  A place full of inspiring reads of the latest, greatest and completely unique, just waiting to be discovered.   I always head to the children’s section first as it is my favourite part of any bookstore; I love how the picture books are displayed and how the store is set up.  If you are not near Victoria Park —  They also own New Editions in Fremantle another appealing store with a beautiful shop front.

There is also a quaint little seating setup outside for warmer days and being on Albany Hwy there are several coffee shops to visit. We love The Imp best of all.

To find out about events in your area and to celebrate all things books visit The Love Your Bookshop website

love-your-bookshop - 5 of our favourite bookshops in perth - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

What is your favourite bookstore and why do you like it?

We think it should be an international day – what do you think?


Happy reading xx


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