Become A Tree Explorer

I am a tree explorer - 5 rules for when climbing trees -

Click the image to download your free Tree Explorer Book

Climbing trees can be so much fun and is loaded with benefits.  See our earlier post for 5 RESEARCH BASED REASONS TO CLIMB A TREE  It does come with some risk and so a while ago we all sat down and came up with some rules for EVERYBODY TO FOLLOW -so

1. I won’t have a fit of panic and frustration each time we venture out to climb trees and

2. The kids understand how and why to climb safely and what to do if they get stuck?

Here are our Rules

1. If you can reach and climb to the first branch you can climb the tree. Never lift anyone into a tree it is not safe.

2. Before you climb discuss limits and respect the tree and each other.

3. If you do get stuck —BREATHE— focus on your hands and feet – not the ground. A responsible adult will talk you down branch by branch – don’t
rescue as this could induce falling.

4. Always have 3 points of contact 2 feet and 1 hand or 2 hands and 1 foot.

5. Stay Safe— branches can be sharp, snakes and spiders are part of the natural environment, look after each other.

We spend a lot of time outdoors in our local area, at the beach, park or parkland and I often make the kids a little book to go with an activity.  We often chat about our adventures afterwards and the kids are in the habit of making books too. I thought for our school holiday adventures I would make them a tree explorer book as we have been on the hunt recently in Perth for great trees to climb.  If you want a great tree to climb in Perth hop on over to our 10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth post and it now has cafe suggestions too!  We used this little book in our local park and then later on in a coffee shop so the kids were entertained while having a snack.  I made it with my 7 and 8 year old in mind, but my 11 year old was happy to play along and became the question master with the Can you… and Think about… pages.   It would also suit younger children with parents explaining the pages.

The winter holidays started with so much rain that we spent the first couple of days cosy and warm at home and only today did we find the time for an adventure in our local park.

Become a tree explorer - 5 rules for safe tree climbing -

The free printable is full of activities and quick and easy to print. The book is A4 and can be printed double sided as in the photos or single sided.  It is 8 pages in total.

Why not take it along with you next time you are out and about?

  • There are colouring and drawing activities.
  • A place to stick treasured leaves and other treasures found.
  • Lots of vocabulary to describe elements of trees that extends sentence building.
  • Physical activities to conquer and questions to think about.
Become a tree explorer - 5 rules to safely climb a tree -

Can you spot the fly photobomb??

We have had lots of fun with our Tree Explorer Book. Miss C’s favourite was to stick in the leaves  and the boys loved the physical activities and would call them out to each other and turned some of them into games.

Become a tree explorer - 5 rules to safely climb trees -

Click on the image to download your free printable!

When you download and print the PDF booklet please remember to –

Make sure you are printing 2 sided so the 8 A5 pages are actually only 2 sheets of A4

Your Printer is set to A4

Your scale is 100%

Flip on short side

Tag us in to share your experience #tinystepsmakebigstrides

Get outside, have fun and be happy xx

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