10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth

10 great places to climb trees in Perth tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

We have been on the lookout in Perth for great trees to climb, perch, balance and swing from.  Do you have a favourite place to climb trees?

Most kids love climbing – rocks, climbing walls, rope structures and trees to name but a few.  Trees unlike purpose built structures are uneven and this is what is so good about climbing them, it’s all about the thinking.  For more benefits of climbing trees see our recent post on 5 Research Backed Reasons to Climb Trees Here.
From very early on we have always encouraged our kids to run, climb and at times be a little wild! (or should I say free range) Is it just my kids that have loads of energy? Check out 10 Great places here.

Hit The Place Name For A Map.

Point Walter

10 great places to climb a tree in Perth - Point Walter tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

The trees at Point Walter are in our opinion the greatest trees in Perth to climb.  There is something for all ages.  The trees have low sprawling branches that are just perfect for walking along and in doing so kids and adults improve their balance.

You will find the best trees along the river away from the café and playground.

Hyde Park

10 great places to climb a tree in Perth - Hyde Park tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

The trees at Hyde park are just beautiful.  Hyde park itself is one of the most tranquil spots in the city.

The trees near to the playground have the most amazing root system sprawling around above ground.  Some of the roots are rather large and a workout in themselves.

Cottesloe Beach

10 great places to climb a tree in Perth - Cottesloe tinystepsmakebigstrides.comAlong the grassed area where the Sculptures By The Sea event is held each year lies a couple of trees that the kids always like to perch in when we have had a day at the beach.  Tree climbing isn’t just about scaling to the top – no, it can also be about finding a shady spot just right to have a chat and a snack.

Deepwater Point

10 great places to climb a tree in Perth - Deepwater Point tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

We just love Deepwater Point.  The long paths are just perfect for scootering, a jetty, some sand and quite a few trees with great root structures to explore- Just perfect!

10 great places to climb a tree in Perth - Deepwater Point tinystepsmakebigstrides.com Quite a few trees have low tree forks just perfect for beginner climbers.  Kids don’t have to climb high to have a sense of freedom and to see the world from a new perspective.  Climbing up just a little to a small child changes their sense of the world immediately.

As adults we always think of big changes, but to a 5 year old walking along some roots can be a great adventure!

Lake Claremont

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth - Lake Claremont tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Next to the playground located at the end of Stirling Road are some fantastic Moreton Bay Fig trees.  The kids spend longer climbing the trees and exploring the roots than they do on the playground or the exercise equipment.

It is also the perfect spot for a walk as the Lake is just beautiful at any time of year.

Rossmoyne Foreshore

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth - Rossmoyne Foreshore tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Technically this is a fallen tree, but how we love it!  Is it a battle ship or a pirate ship or maybe today it’s an aircraft flying to Outer space?

This is a tree that is great for storytelling.  We often scooter along the path that goes along side Riverton Drive West.  The walk way to the river near to Wilber Street is where you will find this tree.

Matilda Bay

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth - Matilda Bay tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

Along the bay there are several trees just great to perch in.  I often find the kids in a tree fork having a chat or using it as some type of obstacle course.  For kids, climbing trees is not the purist activity of adults who climb.  Trees can become a maze – winding in and out of the branches is great for spatial awareness.

Kids climb to explore and find out about their environment, they climb to involve the tree in their game.  There is one tree at Matilda Bay that the kids just stand in for ages just looking out to the city, (see above)  it is a great thinking spot!

Piney Lakes

10 Great Places To Climb A Tree In Perth - Piney Lakes tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

If you have never been to Piney Lakes before it is an amazing spot for a picnic, as it has a great playground that all ages can enjoy and it also has a great boardwalk along the lake onto a grassed area.

It is the trees found over this hill away from the playground that we love.  There are quite a few trees that have multiple tree forks, just perfect when you have multiple children who all want to sit in the same tree.

Kings Park

There is one particular tree in Kings park that we all love.  It is the Huge Moreton Bay Fig tree at the Fraser Avenue entrance.   If ever we park near we can guarantee that hours later we are still there until tummies rumble and then we head to the café for a rest. (Ahhh the missing photo- that will just mean we will be there sometime over this weekend for a play!)

Hossack Reserve

10 Great Places To Climb A tree In Perth - Hossack Reserve - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

A great park tucked away in Parkwood that is just brilliant for kids learning to ride their bikes or scooters.

It is a fully sign posted track, just with no cars.  Once the kids get tired there is also a great tree just right for having a chat and a snack after a hard day on their wheels.

Where do you climb trees?  Any other suggestions for trees that are good for climbing in Perth? Please comment and I will add them to the list.  Please share this article if you love it and let’s get our kids out into nature!

Have fun and stay safe x

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