99 Screen-Free Activities

99 screen-free activities from tinystepsmakebigstrides.comMonday May 1 2017 is the start of International Screen-Free Week.  Are you going screen-free this year?  There is no doubt that screen time has become an integral part of school, home and work. Screens have become a huge distraction in our lives, so this year we have decided to be screen-free for the next week at home. Here is a list of 99 ideas to help you reset your digital addiction, get back to nature, enjoy family time and be creative.

  1. Bake a cake and other treats with Tiny steps make big stridesbaking-blog-post-cover
  2. Become a spy from Mom with a lesson plan
  3. Become an engineer with Frugal fun for boys
  4. Brainteasers fun with Frugal fun for boys
  5. Build and design a bridge with everyday materials such as blocks, straws, Lego, planks, cardboard, plastic cups and newspaper etc Test the design and discuss if it did work why or if it didn’t work why not?99 screen free activities tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  6. Build a Lego balloon powered car with Fugal fun for boys
  7. Build a pencil crossbow from The Mamas girl
  8. Cardboard box fun with My life and kids
  9. Compile an inventions box and get busy with The educators spin on it
  10. Conquer the Rubik’s Cube99 screen free activities tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  11. Construct a tower with straws and sticks from Picklebums
  12. Daydream
  13. Decorate a t-shirt
  14. Design some maths art with What do we do all day?
  15. Do a jigsaw
  16. Do a science experiment with Science buddies
  17. Do a word puzzle
  18. Do some gardening and plant some seeds
  19. Do something different from your ordinary schedule – get outside your comfort zone!
  20. Draw a picture
  21. Find some water – a lake, a river an ocean or a puddle and splash about!10 benefits of fingerpainting for everyone - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  22. Finger painting or handprint fun – learn 10 benefits for everyone with Tiny steps make big strides
  23. Fold a paper plane with Fun paper planes
  24. Free build with LEGO
  25. Get more sleep
  26. Get outside and visit a forest
  27. Go for a walk around your local neighbourhood- you never know you might find something new!
  28. Go on a nature hunt or walk. Use these nature ideas from Childhood 101 
  29. Go on a scavenger hunt – get some fun ideas from Fantastic fun and learning.
  30. Go shopping with real money and discuss
  31. Go to the beach
  32. Get outside and play some outdoor games with My kids adventures
  33. Go to the library
  34. Go to a local park
  35. Have a conversation without a digital interruption
  36. Have a sensory experience with a sensory box with Love play and learn99 screen free ideas - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  37. Have fun with loose parts play from Let the children play
  38. Have fun with pretend play, here are some ideas from Learn with play at home
  39. Help with the household chores.
  40. Jump rope or other old-fashioned games.
  41. Learn a new skill.
  42. Learn and recite a poem.
  43. Make a balloon rocket with Kid spot
  44. Make a boat and an aluminum foil river with Filth wizardry
  45. Make a catapult with Kids activity blog  and if you get bored of that one there are 14 more ideas they have collected here too!
  46. Make a clay or Plasticine sculpture, cup or vase
  47. Make a collage out of scraps of coloured paper or magazines
  48. Make a comic book99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  49. Make a fort with Today’s parent
  50. Make a Lego drawbot with Planet smarty pants
  51. Make a Lego maze
  52. Make a marble track with Homeschool creations
  53. Make a marshmallow shooter with Come together kids
  54. Make a paper helicopter from Scientific America
  55. Make a pet rock
  56. Make a pipe cleaner sculpture99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  57. Make a sculpture out of recycled materials with the help of Tinker Lab
  58. Make a sock puppet or soft toy – no sewing required with Babycentre
  59. Make a straw rocket with Simple play ideas
  60. Make a top 5 list or lists
  61. Make a volcano with baking soda and vinegar with Growing a jeweled rose99 screen free activities tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  62. Make an edible sculpture with The artful parent
  63. Make an elastic band ball
  64. Make goop from Tinkerlab
  65. Make kinetic sand with One little project
  66. Make some fruit kebabs and other cool fruit art with Iddle peeps
  67. Make some outdoors art with Fun-a-day
  68. Make some plastic with How wee learn
  69. Make something fun with Beads with Moms and crafters
  70. Make up your own stories
  71. Make your bed99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  72. Make your own playdough with the Imagination tree
  73. Manipulate paperclips to make a sculpture
  74. Nerf gun fun with Frugal fun for boys
  75. Origami ideas from Easy peasy fun
  76. Paint and have messy fun with ideas from Little Green Craft process art series.
  77. Play a board game
  78. Play a musical instrument
  79. Play at being a MasterChef and delve into the cookery books and make dinner together.
  80. Play ball games
  81. Play balloon tennis
  82. Play minute to win it with ideas from Let’s get together
  83. Play these outdoors games after dark with tips from A typical mom blog
  84. Play with cards, Uno or top trumps
  85. Play with ice cubes with Play ideas
  86. Play with marbles99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  87. Play with planks – ideas from Keva planks.  We bought ours from Green Hat workshop
  88. Play with some sticks with Mummy mummy mum
  89. Pool noodle fun with A helicopter mom
  90. Read a book, comic magazine, non-fiction
  91. Ride your bike or scooter
  92. Small world play ideas from Lemon and lime adventures
  93. String art with Parents.com
  94. Take the Lego challenge with Legoquest
  95. Use public transport to go on an adventure – discuss the timetables
  96. Use sidewalk chalk to create art and play games99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com
  97. Water play fun with the Happy Hooligans
  98. Write a journal
  99. Write a letter to friends or family.

How many can you check off?

The debate about screen time is ongoing.  Here is some reading to help you make an informed judgement.  Maybe a blanket ban is not the answer as modern life relies so heavily on technology now. Children need to learn moderation, be educated about pros and cons and use the right sort of technology to gain the best benefits.

99 screen free activities tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

PC Advisor – How much screen-time is healthy?

99 screen free activities tinystepsmakebigstrides.com

New Scientist – Children benefit from the right sort of screen-time

How are you going to limit screen-time this week?

99 screen free activities - tinystepsmakebigstrides.com99 Screen-Free Activities to stick on the fridge where everybody can see it!  Get outside, be creative and have family fun together xxx

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