Fire And Emergency Services Education Centre


Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Education and Heritage Centre

Today we had a fantastic serendipitous visit to The Education and Heritage Centre on the corner of Murray Street and Irwin Street.  As we walked past the fire station whose doors have always been closed before when we have walked past –  Mr O. walks right in!  Being a lover of vehicles and transport – he is drawn to these places…   We all follow and after living in Perth for more than a year now (and  parking on the Fire Station car park when in the city) I had no idea that it was an education centre that opened for visits.     It is an amazing place and FREE!  Open Tuesdays – Thursday 10-3.    It is small but perfectly formed and as such, does not accept bookings of any kind.

We spent several hours having a look around.   So much learning can take place in this type of environment.  When we lived in England, our local fire station often had open days. Then we moved to Melbourne and the Fire Engine Museum in the city had a great display with a  fire station next door that had the most wonderful show on a Friday for preschoolers and primary aged kids in the holiday. Click on the GREEN links for more information.

Taking time to visit these places is a great way to connect the community dots with children as they talk with the people who work there.  Educating children about our essential services is vital.  These places are a gem.  I just love outdoors, out the house, out of the classroom learning.

Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Education and Heritage Centre is located in the original Perth Central Fire Station.
The place has warm and friendly staff, that spent ages talking with the kids about the fire service and what they do.   There are 2 Fire Engines on Display.  A new one that kids can climb in and an older one just for looking at.

Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Education and Heritage Centre is located in the original Perth Central Fire Station.


There are several uniforms to try on, which my  boys loved.  They even re- hung the uniforms after wearing without asking!  ( I will be sure to remind them of this in the future when there is the usual pile of clothes all over the bedroom floor .)


Once we had looked around downstairs we headed upstairs to the discovery centre. There were plenty of activities to keep my 3 kids active and involved.  Mr J who is 11 and Mr O who is 8 was drawn to the climbing wall first.  The climbing wall maps out how to plan a bush walk – what to be cautious of along the way and…yikes! what happens if I get lost…  It was a great place to strategize .  The captions are easy to read and invoke conversation.


There are computers that showcase the fire department website offerings for kids and several games that the kids enjoyed playing.


There is also a section for colouring, reading and playing puzzles.



There are plenty of activities and pictures to colour on site to occupy your kids.


The puzzles are aimed at preschoolers.


This holidays they have a drawing competition running.  Kids have to draw a hazard that the fire department has to attend and then write about what they would do to stay safe. Miss C. took on the challenge with gusto.  There is a family prize to be won valued at $100.

The staff are really knowledgeable and took so much time talking with the kids. There are various areas that exhibit disasters – what they are and how the fire service helps? For older kids, these areas are a great place to softly enquire with informed staff that answer all questions delicately.   My boys spent ages enquiring about what a tsunami is and how it can be dealt with.


We had the most amazing time and Mr. O wants to return next week.  So it is already in the diary.


There are stamps and stickers too, on the way out.


A great place to learn about all things Fire and Emergency Services related.   Do you have a place like this in your city?  If so tell me in the comments and I will add the link.

Happy Learning xx

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