Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For The Primary Years


Rhyming Riddle Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with an Easter Egg Hunt.   Have fun with our RHYMING RIDDLES.  There are 12 riddles to solve in this hunt which are just perfect for lower primary students.  As our kids have got older and we do a hunt each year, we have found there are only so many years in a row there is great excitement to search the backyard for plastic eggs.  By getting creative and changing the hunt each year with different activities it stays new and we have hours of excitement and entertainment.

Riddles are fun to solve and are also excellent exercise for our brains.   Riddles are just perfect for helping children to manipulate language as they aid comprehension and expand vocabularies.  Riddles have also been shown to develop insightful thinking – the think outside of the box divergent thinking that is so important for creativity.  Insightful thinking is the thinking that occurs when you recognise relationships and make associations that help you solve a problem.  Check out this Psychology Today article all about why and how to be insightful.

Kids just love treasure hunts and they will love working out each clue to find a bounty of chocolate or whatever you choose at the end.  Easter Egg hunts are a great time for your kids to work together towards a common goal.   The prize doesn’t have to be chocolate. Over the years we have hid lego, books, small toys, art and craft supplies etc.

Click on the link to get your hands on our free printable word puzzle clues and place the clues around your home and have the kids work them out together.  Place the prize at the end – what could be easier?

There are lots of fun ideas around the web too.  Here are some great ideas that work well with primary aged kids.

We just love this idea from A Moms Take   Easter hunts are is not just for preschoolers.   The idea of a checklist is just fabulous.  Reading and following a checklist turns the idea of a scavenger hunt into a fun lesson on instruction use.  This incorporates so many learning areas, your kids will never know how good it is for them.


Why not burn some energy before your Easter Egg hunt?  The idea of a fun activity based Easter Hunt maybe for you.  This idea from Eats Amazing has everything you need to have an active Easter.


As the kids get older, they can get bored with the same old hunt.  We have had fun with QR codes in the past.  Here is a great Easter Egg Hunt from Bits Of Everything that includes the use of QR codes that help you find your hidden bounty.  Technology use can come under so much fire.  However, we do need to teach our children how to use technology safely and the power technology can bring to a given project.


Whatever you do this Easter, I hope it is a relaxing, fun-filled family time.

Happy Hunting xxx

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