Days Are For Celebrating


As the school year begins each year we pick a day or 2 a month to celebrate.  I’m not talking the usual, Birthday, Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day, special days and there are so many more.  As important as they all are –  they are present giving celebrations.  I am talking about those other days in the year that are designated special days where we observe, commemorate, promote or mobilize people to action. These special days serve and act as reminders to the world community of the issues we face as a collective.We use the UN calendar to pick our days.

It all started a couple of years ago when I heard about International Happiness Day.  I didn’t even know such a day existed and so we set about celebrating with happy music and smiley face pancakes for breakfast.  We made a list of 5 things that make us happy and 5 things that make us sad and compared the two.  That was about it and then off to school we went to wish all our friends ‘Happy International Happiness Day’  In the afternoon we chatted over afternoon tea and answered the questions-

  • What is happiness?
  • What makes us happy?
  • How could we make ourselves and the people around us happier?

The day made me think a lot about reflection and how we need to incorporate a time for reflection more frequently into our lives.

I looked into special days and realized that there were just so many days out there that we should celebrate, so the year after we celebrated a lot.  It actually got pretty tiring and as Charlie says in the wonderful Charlie and Lola books if you celebrated your birthday every day it wouldn’t be special – so we decided to pick a couple of days a year that are either close to our hearts or we want to know more about.

Here are links to several calendars below so you can either pick your own dates or follow along with us and our list. Please tag us in your photos so we can share the celebration!

UnitedNations –

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural orgainsation(UNESCO)  -

Time and date –

Days of the year – celebrate every day of the year

This year we are going to celebrate and by celebrate I mean mark the occasion (no present required)   Each date will be linked to activities you can do that in month. Keep checking back as green links are active.

11 February – International Women And Girls In Science Day

3 March –  World Wildlife Day

20 March – International Day Of Happiness

7 April – World Health Day

1 May – International Screen-Free Week begins

5 June –  World Environment Day

31 July –  National Tree Day

12 August – Love Your Bookshop Day

29 September – (observed last Thursday) World Maritime Day

5 October  – World Teacher Day

19 November –  World Toilet Day

5 December –  World Soil Day

Happy Celebrating!



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