Ten Simple Baking Ideas For Kids

baking-blog-post-coverHere are some super quick and easy recipes we have found and taste tested many times.  Baking doesn’t have to be just for the holidays, these recipes are so quick they can whipped up anytime for a yummy after school snack.   There are not too many ingredients and are forgiving enough, if like me you have some over enthusiastic bakers! Baking together is a wonderful learning experience.

There are so many opportunities for learning and so many findings to discover. Baking after all is really a science experiment!   When baking we are using our maths and motor skills for the pouring, measuring, spreading, mixing, rolling and cutting etc.

We have to concentrate to follow the instructions of the recipe and the language we use introduces children to the procedural text form. Following a procedure takes practise and baking at home can be a fun way to do this.

Following the step by step instructions of the recipe shows children how to follow a process to gain a positive outcome.

Cooking with children can be time consuming and messy! I love cooking with them and can see how overtime, their kitchen skills are improving and everybody can help to share the jobs and clean up the mess.  Dividing up the chores helps children gain independence. There is undoubtedly more mess and time spent when cooking with kids,  if in doubt, a glass of wine or coffee always helps the clean up!


Everytime we pass a bakery Miss C wants an M and M cookie.  We have bought them in the past only to have Miss C just eat the M and Ms and leave the cookie as it was too big. So we now make our own smaller versions and we use the recipe from Pretty, Simple, Sweet.

Making treats is a favourite pass time and lots can be learnt through discussion. We estimated how many cookies could come from a batch of the mixture and whilst adding the M and Ms, we talked about –

  • How many M and Ms can fit on a cookie?
  • Can we make a pattern?
  • What letter sound is on the chocolate- how many words can we think of that begins with /m/?


Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has an amazing recipe for  Ten minute chocolate chip cookies these are a favourite in our home, nothing has to be too exact like some recipes.  They are so, super quick to make that Mr. J who is 10 can make them by himself.


The oatmeal raisin cookies from Sally’s Baking Addictionare probably the best oatmeal cookie we have tasted.  They are a little more involved than most but have a great chewy soft buttery taste.

Just perfect for an afternoon snack!shortbread

This shortbread from Bake, Play, Smile is deliciously light and crisp.    It is so easy to make with only 4 ingredients – who doesn’t want to make shortbread that is this quick?


We just love a peanut butter cookie.  This recipe from Dove’s Farm is gluten free and is our all time favourite.  It is another quick and easy recipe, the cookies are a little on the delicate side having no gluten in them.  We have found it best to leave them on the cookie sheet until cool and then they do not break.    But, if they do break apart- they are just splendid sprinkled over vanilla ice cream.


We just love triple choc chip cookies.  The kind that are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.   This recipe from Home Made By You is that recipe.  We always make small cookies as we are quite partial to a couple, so this recipe yielded us far more than the 12 cookies stated.


We love Donna Hay’s recipe for gingerbread.  We have used this recipe many times, however, we have never made the garland.  Maybe, one day!  I think we eat the cookies too fast –  although, a garland would be lovely…   We either add chocolate buttons or M and M’s to the men before baking or wait for the cookies to cool and decorate.


We make butter cookies all the time.  I love Nigella Lawson’s recipe  .  I first used this recipe for Mr J’s third birthday partyWe have also made these cookies without the vanilla as it is not always in our cupboard.  Most of the time, these cookies are made for school lunch boxes or in a hurry for a weekend outing and so we do not always decorate them and they taste great on their own!


I love this recipe by Busy But Healthy   We have also added cocoa to the rice krispies to give a chocolate taste too.  I find when we make this recipe, we love it so much that we can’t keep from eating them and they don’t last long.  They are a far healthier version than either chocolate or kopha, so go on -they take minutes to make and can be done by the kids with minimal help.  We normally make these as a bar and then chop them up once cool.  It is far easier and cleaner for little hands to spread the mixture once I put it into the pan.


Rocky road is one of those things we make for special occasions.  It is so moreish and has the perfect mix of chewy, sweet and crunchy.   As much as we love nuts and cherries, we  don’t think they have a place in Rocky Road.   We like this simple but so rewarding recipe from Nigella Express for her Rocky Road Crunch bars. 

Baking with the kids is a great experience and we do it often. However, I have found that it needs to be a concentrated affair – All the recipes we have tried and tested and take no longer than 15 minutes to assemble and in the most part 10-15 minutes to bake.    If the activity takes too long kids will get bored and  tempers will flair – short and sweet is the answer.  As the sweet treats are baking we clean up ready to sample.

There is normally someone who is too tired to clean up, or needs the toilet, however, we go with the story of the Little red hen and if you have helped in some way to tidy then you get to sample!

Happy Baking!

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