3D Christmas Tree


Make a 3 D Christmas tree out of items you already have at home.  A wonderful Christmas themed activity to build fine motor skills. Folding and cutting paper with not a pencil in sight!

 This cute little Chrismas tree is a great homemade decoration and is quick and fairly easy to make.  It is a little bit fiddly towards the end and your child will need help with the arrangement of the tree.



1 Circle of paper- any size will do

1 Strip of card – cut from an A4 sheet
Twinkly star for top of the tree
Drinking straw cut in half
Blob of bluetack
Sticky tape

20161208_182319aFold the circle in half to make a semi circle.   Fold the semi circle two more times.

Cut across the bottom not quite to the end from one side and then turn over and leaving a little gap cut across again .

Keep going to create a zig zag until you get to the top and snip the top off completely.20161208_182537aCarefully pull the top and bottom to reveal a zig zag.  The manipulation of the paper and the control of the cutting is a great fine motor skills activity.  Depending on your child’s age they may need help with the cutting or the pulling or both.

To begin with everybody cut too far and had to start again.  For Mr. O who really struggles with fine motor skills (even though he is a Lego engineer-another blog post surely?!)  I put dots on the triangle so he knew when to stop.

Unfold the paper and carefully pinch the top and pull away from the bottom.  This does take a little patience and manipulation.  Pull the paper down slowly and the holes will begin to appear.  The tree will take a little adjustment to be pulled into shape.


Thread the straw through the hole in the top and attach your star or whatever you would like to the top of your tree with tape.  As you can see with the star that Mr. O cut out it is a bit wonky, but that imperfection is what I love about art and craft with kids.  As you attach the straw to the star push the back of the tree onto the star too so the tree stays up on the straw.Next make the box.

Fold the strip of paper 4 times about equally to make a cube shape without a top or bottom and tape together.

Add the blu tac to the bottom of the straw and place inside your pot.

If this decoration is going to sit on a polished surface you will want to sit the blu tac on a piece of paper so as it doesn’t mark your furniture.20161208_191739


This activity is also great for talking about the shapes made in the paper once the circle has been cut and how they change as you manipulate the circle.
Happy Creating!

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