Super Quick Christmas Cards


Today we made these super quick Christmas cards after school over afternoon tea.  At the moment we are practising fine motor skills as Mr. O is resistant to the pencil.  We have been doing a lot of cutting and folding of late.  These cards are a great little activity that will look effective and you will be done in no time with little prep and clean up.




A5 white card
squares of coloured origami paper
12cm x 12cm – we used green, red, brown and yellow, or you could use Christmas themed paper
jewels or sequins – even stickers

We also used a hole punch as Miss C decided that one of her cards needed to have a flower star and the jewels were just not right!

Simply fold the A5 card in half to make a long rectangle shape.  The folding of the card is good for little hands as the manipulation of the card helps to strengthen muscles in the hands and wrists.      Next grab 2 different pieces of coloured paper.


20161206_161929  20161206_161941  20161206_163053


Draw 5 dots on the top of one piece of the coloured paper and 5 dots on the bottom but this time at a slight angle to the top dots.

Using a ruler connect the dots to make zig-zag triangles and cut out.

I came up with this activity because Mr. O needs constant practise of fine motor skills and handwriting practice can seem tedious to kids and the shouts of what”s the point ring through our home.  Putting the dots in the correct spaces and using a ruler correctly- albeit with help aids fine motor skills without Mr O realising he is working on a skill that he needs!







Next, fold the second piece ofcoloured paper in half and cut to make 2 rectangles.  Using 1 of the rectangles, add a dot to the top in pencil and then 2 dots to the bottom and using a ruler and pencil join the dots to make a triangle and cut out.Stick the larger triangle on to the middle of your card first- leaving room for the trunk and a star.  Then, stick the smaller triangle in the middle of the larger triangle.

Next, cut a small rectangle for the trunk out of brown paper and stick it underneath your tree.

Add the sequins or jewels to make a star at the top of your tree and decorate if you like.

FINISHED!  Super cute cards that family and friends are going to love!

Miss C loved my idea, as always in her very arty way she decided she would just have a play around with the bits of paper we had lying around.  I love that she decided that she wanted a hole punched flower star and it was her idea to use the Christmas themed paper we recently bought from Kmart.




The cutting and folding are great fine motor skills activities and so is the manipulation of sequins and jewels. Punching holes is also a fun way of kids using and strengthening those tiny muscles in their hands.

Incidently, this activity is also great for shape and colour recognition too .

If you like the super quick Christmas card activity then please share it with your friends or pin it for later!

Happy Creating!

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